Who Sang Thirteen Days? Dirt Bike Annie

Dirt Bike Annie Hit The Rock! cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1999
length: 2:28
13 days and 13 lonely night I walk these streets at night whoa-oh
Somewhere between the black and white
I do believe I could throw this little fit
And I can't be myslef anymore, I'm about to lose my s___.

I can't deal with rock n' roll, I can't listen to the radio
I feel like I'm about to break
I'm losing all my brain cells quick
I do believe in this modern world and
I'd write a song the world could sing for my special girl.

13 days I'm on my own and 13 days I lose control and
13 days sleeping on your couch yeah 13 days someone help me out!

Don't remmeber the night before I'm passed out on the bathroom floor.
Feeling cold, I'm feeling sick. Better make my statement quick:
I don't believe I could throw this all away
And I'd have done it yesterday if I had something new to say!

I would break it all for you if my conscious let me!
I wouldn't go back ever again even if you begged me!

CD 1
  • 1 Are You Ready to Dance?
  • 2 Capable of Anything
  • 3 50th and Bay
  • 4 All Systems Go
  • 5 Pow! Check It Out
  • 6 Grape Crush
  • 7 Rat Fink
  • 8 Chapped and Cracked
  • 9 88 Christopher Street
  • 10 Come On! Come On!
  • 11 Flypaper Porch Lights
  • 12 Thirteen Days
  • 13 Smoke and Then Some
  • 14 Powerglide