Who Sang Hydrocodone? Dirt Nasty feat. Andre Legacy

Andre Legacy Palatial cover art
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Release Date: 2013-8-20
length: 3:55

[Hook x2: Andre Legacy]
2 turn tables and a microphone
2 turn tables and a microphone
2 turn tables and a microphone
This white boy on hydrocodone

[Verse 1: Dirt Nasty]
In a green limousine drinking promethazine
With a mean bitch and this month's King magazine
She never had lean or been tag teamed
So me and Legacy let her sample the beef

[Andre Legacy]
I chop the pills up
Fuck time release, that's little kid stuff
I'm getting my dick sucked
In a pickup truck, license plate says "Fist Fuck"

[Dirt Nasty]
Call me Dr. Seuss
Green eggs and ham
Now I got the juice

[Andre Legacy]
I think we feeling loose
80-80 milligrams got me leaning obtuse

[Hook x2: Andre Legacy]

[Verse 2: Dirt Nasty]
Why you handing me the mic again
Don't you know I ate 88 vicodin
I might just swim down to Mexico
Fill up prescriptions

[Andre Legacy]
Grab some rohypnols
I got a date tonight
She gonna get shish kabob-ed
When she trips and fall
I'ma leave her fat ass and beg your time

[Dirt Nasty]
3 jolly ranchers, one 7-Up
Purple drank in a styrofoam cup

[Andre Legacy]
The microphone's plugged
Like a chord in your girlfriend's butt

[Hook x2: Andre Legacy]

[Verse 3: Dirt Nasty]
Ah shit
I need a quick fix
Drink some morphine
In the tip of my dick
Tied up my balls
In the bathroom stall
At the Boxhill mall

[Andre Legacy]
Y'all don't know
Live in the fast lane, moving slow mo
They call me a pro-
Fessional for taking drugs with hoes

[Dirt Nasty]
They call me Dirt Nasty
Scrambling the drugs in the Caddy backseat

[Andre Legacy]
I'm known as the Legacy
All I do is drugs with this dick head next to me

[Dirt Nasty & Andre Legacy] [x2]
(Doctor, doctor)
I'm feeling sick
(Doctor, doctor)
I need a fix
(Doctor, doctor)
Give me my scrip
(Doctor, doctor)
We know where you live

[Hook x2: Andre Legacy]

[Outro x4]
3 Jolly Ranchers, one 7-Up
Purple drank in a styrofoam cup

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