Who Sang Twisted? Dirt Nasty feat. Three Loco

Three Loco Palatial cover art
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Release Date: 2013-8-20
length: 4:20
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[Verse 1: Dirt Nasty]
It's twisted

It goes one, two, three, to the six
I flunked math bitch, suck my dick
I was born in another dimension
I parked my spaceship on the dick of a gremlin
My shit no make sense
Kind of like camping, it's in tents
Cotton candy, rockin' panties
Yeah, I fucked Brock Lesnar's granny
We twisted as fuck
I crashed the firetruck on a dead duck
Timber, watch the wood
I'm in the Denver, I got the goods
Flawless, I'm the weirdest
Brrrrrr, motorboat beer tits
I'm from the future
And I'll put my dick inside a six shooter

[Verse 2: RiFF RAFF]
Riff Raff ballin'

Gone for a minute
Now I can't tell you where I been
I came back like a boomerang lesbian
For you pedestrians, I got a suggestion
Next recession, I'm giving carry on luggage lessons
You can't sleep, I got a Magenta Sprite
When I was four I poured a four in my Pedialyte
Great ganders
Loosen up the Pamelas
Feed her to the camera then dance like Tony Danza
Lemon Phantom, you senile
For you step-childs got Charlton Heston on speed dial
Riff Raff ballin'
Drapes out in Palm Springs
Midnight pink, vandal white mood rings
Bitch got my check
You better check my neck
Who's next to flex?
I pull up in a T-Rex
I'm in your intersection
Your girlfriend twerking
But she still got a C-section
I can't be serious, you can't be serious
You're so inferior, I'm like a furnace
I'm furious, I'm fearless
You need to take a herpes test
Riff Raff golden child
Are you illiterate?
You irate, uneducated, non-vocabula-Seabiscuit
I pull up in the earthquake quick
Mix 'em up, Bisquick

[Verse 3: Andy Milonakis]
Do the pussy toast

I be that fly dude eating Thai food
Don't test my mood cause I'm rude
You don't like it, suck my dick
While you're wearing a tutu
All my homies here so we gonna run a choo-choo
Choo-choo, charlie train
And we hittin' from the back cause you're a gnarly dame
Pochantas, Milonakis
Indian Greeks, yeah I'm into them freaks
Your momma's titties smell like a bottle of Red Hot
Leave that fuckin' stupid bitch for dead, not
Your momma's baboon butt it's mushy and gross
I got a new dance called "Do the Pussy Toast"
Pussy toast, pussy pussy toast
I'll kill your pussy then fuck your pussy's ghost

Ferraris and expensive mansions
Palatial, palatial
Gold caviar, yachts on the shore
All of the things you can't afford
Palatial, palatial

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    label: Shoot To Kill Music
    country(area): United States
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