Who Sang Bang Her? Dirt Nasty feat. Too $hort

Too $hort Palatial cover art
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Release Date: 2013-8-20
length: 3:36

Yeah, Dirt Nasty with Too $hort, come on
Yeah, bitch

[Verse 1: Too Short]
I was at a club it was almost two
Bitch said "Short, I'm in love with you."
"You got me so horny, what you wanna do."
"When you leave here I wanna cum with you"
I would say let's go to my house
But fuck all that, I wanna fuck right now
I wanna stick my dick in your mouth
I'm a turn you on, and I'm a turn you out
Next thing you know I had a naked slut
Like Usher, I'm having sex in the club
Yeah, I fucked her but we wasn't making love
The head was cool, it just wasn't enough
I go so hard everyday, cut it up in the mix like a DJ
Dirt nasty, that's how we play
Tell 'em don't bring that bitch around me mane

If you know she wanna fuck, bang her
She all on your nuts, bang her
The bitch is too drunk, bang her
I ain't no punk nigga, I'mma bang her

[Interlude 1]
Jenica, I'mma bang that bitch
Vanessa, I'mma bang that bitch
Whitney, I'mma bang that bitch
I ain't no punk nigga, I'mm a bang that bitch

[Verse 2: Dirt Nasty]
Hey short, you know whats' up
Last night at the club I was trying to fuck
Seen a bitch with a big ol' butt
Took her to the bathroom to bust a nut
And I ain't even know her name
Bitch's nose was full of cocaine
Grabbing on my gold chain
Tomorrow night, I'mma do it again
All these hoes be sleazy
Late night, shit get creepy
Man, this shit's too easy
Getting head cause I'm on TV
LA is full of tricks
If you poor or if you rich
They don't hesitate to suck the dick
Motherfuck you, damn shit head bitch


[Interlude 2]
Latisha, I'mma bang that bitch
Monique, I'mma bang that bitch
Laquanda, I'mma bang that bitch
I ain't no punk, I'mma bang that bitch

[Verse 3: Too Short]
Yeah bitch, how you like me now
Wannabe players keep striking out
I had so much fun with those
Since freaky tales i fucked so many hoes

[Verse 4: Dirt Nasty]
Me too, fuck a girlfriend
I got a fat bitch in front of me twerking
She at the stipclub, yeah working
Bang her in the back, close the curtains

[Verse 5: Too Short]
She likes whip cream, nuts and cherries
So I brought another bitch and came in her hair
She's on too many pills and she liked it a lot
So it did it again, it don't stop

[Verse 6: Dirt Nasty]
Hell nah, it just begun
She down on her knees, gargling cum
Now that's' a sight to see
I ain't wit no marriage, or a wedding ring


I'mma bang that bitch (x6)
I ain't no punk, I'mma bang that bitch

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    label: Shoot To Kill Music
    country(area): United States
    format: Digital Media
    barcode: 888002890757
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