Who Sang Healthy? Dirt Nasty

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Release Date: 2013-8-20
length: 3:22
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She be looking healthy, she be looking healthy
And all these skinny ass hoes, they be looking jelly
She be looking healthy, she be looking healthy
If the body tight, damn right
Hit me on the celly

Bitch thick, tiny waist with big hips
Tig ol' bits, she like them butter with grits
Big lips, custom made for sucking some dick
And she accustomed to punching a chick
Skinny bitches talking trash
Cause they got no ass
All flat, fall back
You can get no bandz
I like 'em real juicy
I'm talking ill booty
I'm bout to kill cutie
Bout to, bout to kill cutie


Hell yeah, the bitch fit
Taking Pilates and Karate
Man, she'll chop off your dick
Doing a back flip, sucking on her own tits
Spread eagle, then land in the splits
Damn... Bitch, acrobatic as fuck
In high heels doing lunges, working the butt
Listen up, fuck a skinny broke model
Real men like real bitches
Built like a Coke bottle


Two thighs, thick white meat, the ass wide
Slide my skinny fries in the box of Popeyes
No lie, the bitch ride or die
Suck your dick on the road while she drive
I don't need no Anorexic silly rabbits eating lettuce
She a vegan? Hell nah, she eating meat for breakfast
She like the sausage, I hold her hostage
Cause that ass bigger than Nicki Minaj's


Yeah, you know when you take a girl out to dinner
She said "I'll have a salad"
Bitch, you're lucky I don't slap you with this beef dick
Some white boy Oakland shit
Nik Nikoteen on the beat
Hey Legacy, what's up with them thick ass healthy baby's?
Riff Raff knows what's up with them healthy baby's
Beardo knows what;s up with them healthy baby's
Milo Nak Nak like them healthy baby's
Dirt Nasty don't like those skinny hoes

I need 'em healthy

Yeah, let's get some McDonald's
I'll butt fuck you in the drive-thru

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    label: Shoot To Kill Music
    country(area): United States
    format: Digital Media
    barcode: 888002890757
    script: Latin