Who Sang Mountain Man? Dirt Nasty

Dirt Nasty Dirt Nasty cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2007-8-7
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Comedy
length: 3:31

Sun came out on the prairie
The cows producing dairy
[?] fresher than the wilderness
[?] me
And all the animals are leaving
I turned to my lady and I say "Suck my dick"

[Verse 1]
The mountain view's panoramic
God bless America, I love Montana
Mountain men on horses
They ride through the lake, deeper than a forest
We camping by the lake
This is God's country, butt knife the steak
Pass down the can of beans
And the [?]
Ain't that some tasty beef?
I hunted that cow down in her sleep
Jesus fuck, what a beautiful day
The air's so clean, fuck L.A
The eagle has landed
You city folk just don't understand it
I shot her out the sky with my hand cannon
Now that's what I call ranching


[Verse 2]
That's me at the Dairy Queen
Blizzards and burgers til they bury me
Y'all can kiss my degenerate ass
Got a tat on my balls of the confederate flag
I stared at her dad when he told me the baby was black
I ain't coming back
I'll be at the bar with Red and Jack
Get drunk and start a scuffle with some city slickers that don't want trouble
Meet me at the dock of the bay
I'll be wasted, cock in your face
I [?] through the swamp with a big ol' white honky-tonk-donk
Catfish and bears beware
It's hunting season and my dick's in the air


Hey Dale Earnhardt, rest in peace!
Hey [?] from Memphis, thanks for swolling my load at that truck stop
Dolly Parton, thanks for having them big ass titties
Hey Toby Keith, I'll put a boot in your ass, motherfucker
Jeff Foxworthy, fuck you, yeah fuck you!
Hey Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, suck our dicks
Hey Clint Eastwood, fuck you! Make my daddy talk, bitch
Hey leader of the KKK, eat a dick
Rest in peace to who? John Denver, the godfather of this shit
Oh yeah, and don't eat at the Waffle House in Charlotte
The menu's deceitful, I ordered the pancakes and I got diarrhea

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  • 2 Can’t Get Down
  • 3 1980
  • 4 Cracker Ass Fantastic
  • 5 Too Sexy
  • 6 Baby Dick
  • 7 Gotta Leave This Town
  • 8 Animal Lover
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  • 11 True Hollywood Story
  • 12 Mountain Man
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  • Release information
    label: Shoot To Kill Music
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 837101388191
    script: Latin