Who Sang Who Farted in the Club? Dirt Nasty

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Release Date: 2013-8-20
length: 2:45

Who farted in the club?
Somebody farted in the club
Who farted in the club?
In the VIP, it smelled like butt

Whoever smell't it, dealt it
Bullshit, who was eating shellfish?
Smelling like lobster ass
All the bitches leaving awkward fast
Reek worse than cheap cologne
Stanking up the whole damn zone
Holmes, I had to [?] my Patron
Party's over, time to go home
Shit particles hit the mouth
I could tell you ate In-N-Out
Animal Style
You know who did it
Cause they the one with the smile
And I hope that it wasn't a bitch
Cause it'll smell like booty and fish
You know the shit wrong
Fuck it, somebody had to make this song


You fucking disgusting
What you eat, beef brisket or something?
Was it turkey, with the stuffing?
Point 'em out, I'mma snuff 'em
You need a colonic
Man, now I gotta spark up my chronic
And I was gonna save it for later
Your ass smelled like a dead frigerator
Have some respect player
There's baby's in the spot
We trying to get laid brah
You ruined the radius
Now it stank like poop and anuses
Take the shit outside
Poop butt, you burning my eyes
You must have ate diarrhea pie
So toxic, the bartender died


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    label: Shoot To Kill Music
    country(area): United States
    format: Digital Media
    barcode: 888002890757
    script: Latin