Who Sang Crucified? Discipline

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Release Date: 1995
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They ask why we dress this way
Live for now, stand today
See the kids but don't hear what they say
Close your eyes and look the other way
You say the end justifies the means
They'll lock us up throw away the keys
Crucified, crucified for your sins [Repeat x2]
They don't know our feelings
Only our desperate cries
They seek protection through distorted eyes
Can't tell the truth from their lies
We've got to learn to fight to live
Before they grind us under heel
We're the targets so easy to find
We're the ones that.
Won't stay in line I find myself nailed to a cross
For something that I didn't do
It's your fault you've ruined our lives
But we're the ones you crucify
You're the ones who commit the crimes
But it's always us who do the time

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    label: Lost & Found Records
    country(area): United States
    barcode: 4015977023545
    script: Latin