Our Pride Lyrics - Discipline

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Release Date: 1995
Today a lot of people, try to f___ us up
Bring our efforts down, try to make us stop
Well, I've got news for you, you can't break us with the words you say
We just don't take part, in the games you play

I won't get rid of my own me
Just to belong to your stupid group
I won't get accepted anyway
So why should I stop?

Outside appearance, is what counts for you
You don't even know me, but that doesn't bother you
So many of you have tried, none of you did succeed
We fought you all, and you all got beat!

I am proud of who I am
It doesn't matter what you think, 'cause I don't give a d___
I've got my own way of life
With my brothers at my side

Pride - It means a lot to me
And to my brothers - DSC
Standin' tall with our heads up high
Untouchable, we'll always have our pride

You're not worth talkin' about
Just a sorry person with a big mouth
Talkin' s___ behind our backs
Your so called friends, you're trying to impress!

We'll keep on fighting - For our pride
We'll keep on fighting - For our lives
We'll keep on fighting - For what we believe in
No matter what - We'll never give in
We'll never, we'll never, we'll never give in

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