Who Sang Absolution? Dissonance In Design

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Release Date: 2013-11
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Into the gate it is not too late to save their eternal lives. Venomous minds and tainted souls would bring death to all that we know. Never forget that its our purpose to lay their noxious souls to rest. When will your sleeping minds awaken to realize that your lack of
virtue has left you in disrepair? That you're not alone. For we have come to save you from the depths of despair. This burden is one that we'll share.
And yet so many of you believe us to be monsters. For the truth is this, we've come to pluck you from you're decrepit vessels. As your souls become one with me, so do your emotions, so do your memories... And they weigh heavily upon my heart. Its almost more than I can
bare... Yet I must go on... This crusade has only just begun...
In my eons I've felt nor seen so much anger, hatred and pain. Human beings have strayed from the path, now you must face our sacred wrath. Primitive souls, if only you knew the truth behind what we must do. I'm drifting back to that fated day, when our worlds merged,
when it all changed...

CD 1
  • 1 The Gateway
  • 2 Between Space And Time
  • 3 Entwined In Aether
  • 4 Terminus Pt1: Purpose
  • 5 Absolution
  • 6 Terminus Pte: The Cleaning
  • 7 Sentient

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    country(area): Canada
    format: CD