Who Sang Thugged Out Shit? DJ Clue? feat. Memphis Bleek

Memphis Bleek The Professional cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998-12-15
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Thug Rap/Gangsta
length: 3:55
guest performer: Memphis Bleek
Geah, What?
*****s Bleek, Duro
We live
Thugged out
Marcy, Smoked out

Uh, yo, yo
I'm on now
Therfore your ready rock
Compare to this fishtale baggin rocks
Now give me Bill Gates money
A little strait money
Big or small faces its been in all places
I was schooled by them older guys
They showed me how to drive these ???
Chop dueces and old rubers
Have a ***** rocked up then knocked up
Plenty why'all wit his chest out gettin stocked up
We trade war stories back on the streets
When we played em messhall
*****s get'em on his eats
I'm a foul little *****, wild little *****
Dedicated to these streets a pump valve little *****
You hear about my wherabouts?
*****es I don't care about
Money I'm a man about
Drama I'm a air it out
*****s hate Bleek cause I live right
You'd love to see me broke frontin
Wit no chips right?

[CHORUS: 2x]
Who want to hear some more thugged out ****?(what)
Who want to hear that get smoked out ****?(geah)
Who want to hear some real live type ****?(huh)
Who want it wit that oh, chest out ****?(what)

But this Bleek life my young *****s I tell ya
I went from a failure, holdin paraphanalia
Weight scales, twelve-twelves, dimes and fishtales
Cooked up and bagged up
My life was ****ed up, but I looked at it this way
If I don't make it this way, then I'm a do it this way
Blaze my heat, while I'm after them nickels
**** six I chase nine ****in' zeros
Digits I got four of them, want five more of them
*****es when I told'em flies bring more of them
I ****'em never call'em,my dough must have spoiled em
***** blew roll wit'em but now I'm ignoring them
This street life kept Bleek tight with heat right
On the ten-speed herbed up, ***** word up
You saw me, but if not your man did
I know I pull gats on why'all for crack ****
Yeah uh-huh

My *****z roll dice in the back park
We sip bacardi darked wit sprite all night
Till the sky get bruised or thug ***** lose
Pull out two-two's only catch two, hundred
Half the crowd skated ?when? which you wanted
This ***** got shaky and panic when you fronted
When he saw the black kron
I thought the ***** wore a thong
The way he froze his arm
Dukes said its on
He stripped to his drawers when he heard one raw
Took off half *** when the ***** spit more
And we all spit game you *****s ?heard free? game
By soft ************s, you lame mothe****ers
I fall, I get back
To test my worth
I tell heads to hit that, its raw get rid of that
My worker take thirty off a bundle
Dodging the bikers, and'em D's
When they rush the jungle
So we stash in the fences
Sit low on the benches
Keep a small gun in case its on in the trenches

We live
For the thugged *****s, Marcy
What? We out

CD 1
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  • 2 Ruff Ryders Anthem (remix)
  • 3 It’s On
  • 4 Fantastic 4
  • 5 Queensfinest
  • 6 Exclusive New Shit
  • 7 Gangsta Shit
  • 8 Thugged Out Shit
  • 9 It’s My Thang ’99
  • 10 Mariah Carey (skit)
  • 11 Whatever You Want
  • 12 That’s the Way
  • 13 I Like Control
  • 14 Bitch Be a Ho
  • 15 If They Want It
  • 16 Pain in da Ass (skit)
  • 17 The Professional
  • 18 Brown Paper Bag Thoughts
  • 19 Cops & Robbers
  • 20 Made Men
  • 21 No Love
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