DJ Khaled feat. Trey Songz , Fat Joe & Ray J - We Global 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2008-9-16
ジャンル: Hip Hop
スタイル: Gangsta/Crunk/Electro/RnB/Swing
length: 3:23
[DJ Khaled]
I would usually scream all over this intro
But I'ma let my friends tell you
We Global
We Global Now
We Made It

[Chorus: Trey Songz]
We done been around the world,
Seen a lot girls, girls
It started off local,
Now we global
And baby, we the best (we the best)
We the best (we the best)
See, we do it for the hood,
Make it understood, we bought that paper
And we global
And baby, we the best (we the best)
We the best (we the best)
We the best

[Verse 1: Trey Songz]
Blast through
When I come through, all the pretty women wanna know what it do
Make Moves, I break rules
And baby when I leave I want your friend to come too
We rich *****
Money make the player haters sit, go figure, straight go getta
And when I tell you we the best, it's no lie.
We Live, it's televised
And if you feel me, put your hands in the sky
Let's make a oath that we never be broke again.


[Verse 2: Fat Joe]
I'm second to none
They're descending upon
Tattoo on my arm, Tony Montana the one
We the best (We the best?) Yes We *****
Just got that new yacht to get em sea sicker
Yeah yeah, I love the way she do it
Mask on her face, first she chop it then screw it
*****s coming ready raw, cause I speaking fluids talking money
That's something that you don't what to do with, I done rock with,
Mary J Blige, my *****, try petting the recession, yeah some that *****
The big boy get the big boy's rush, the only ***** made 20 mill,
****in' with cats


[Verse 3: Ray J]
I'm so independent, but the radio play em
**** 'all night, and hit the streets in the AM
A milli off top if I video tape em
I seen a lot of girls, from LA to Jamaica
Yeah, And all the girls, they wanna get freaky with me
Yeah, I'm in the club with a girl Spanish Japanese
Ya my ***** DJ Khaled, girls alone and you know we the best
And we so flawless, It's your boy Ray J getting that money.


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