Who Sang I'm Back? DMX

DMX Undisputed cover art
Release information
Writer(s): Anthony Best, Leonard Caston, Anthony S Cruz, Pamela Joan Sawyer, Terrance Sean Wilford, Frank Edward Wilson
Release Date: 2012-9-11
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Thug Rap
length: 2:34
I'm back
Let 'em know
I'm back
Let 'em know
I'm back
And give it to me like

I flipped to the tracks to get to the wax
And these ****ing cowards know I ain't stepped through the cracks
Dog reck on the C making a bunch of noise
You're grown man, bring the brave boys
Man these *****s is toyin' with us I don't play with 'em
So if you like rats with guns stay with 'em
**********ing with bank for all we don't keep the bangs in us
Cold blooded killers the murders essence-less
I ain't even need forensics or a dentist
**** with D-O-G and you will be
Straight up, DIE so RIP
Real *****s slip but bounce right back
Paid from my ounce to a grip like that
Camera's always on so ***** might act
Like they wanna fight 'til I fight back

I'm back
Let 'em know
I'm back
Let 'em know
I'm back
And give it to me like

Scratch you to death I'm a go getter
The mail's gone, download more on twitter
Stuff picking my finger collect point no vest
And will still be able to play connect point to chest
Or I could hit 'em in the mouth and make 'em bash the taste
Nothing, I told you I'm a bastard case
They call acid face
I spit lava, you better off stacking your barber, don't bother
We're real criminals, we rob *****s
Double R for life, we mob *****s
*****s do what you do suck a ****
****in' ****** better of some suck a ****
Back up in your face up in your grill
Getting back up in that lab with a license to kill
Tell your mans they better chill
They don't want but you got me
Thought you was ****ing with a gangsta but you not!

I'm back
Let 'em know
I'm back
Let 'em know
I'm back
And give it to me like

CD 1
  • 1 Lookin Without Seein' (intro)
  • 2 What They Don't Know
  • 3 Cold World
  • 4 I Don't Dance
  • 5 Sucka for Love
  • 6 I Get Scared
  • 7 Slippin' Again
  • 8 Prayer
  • 9 I'm Back
  • 10 Have You Eva
  • 11 Get Your Money Up
  • 12 Head Up
  • 13 Frankenstein
  • 14 Y'all Don't Really Know
  • 15 I Got Your Back
  • 16 No Love
  • 17 Already
  • 18 Fire
  • 19 Fuck U Bitch
  • 20 Love That Bitch

  • Release information
    label: Seven Arts Music
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 818757010025
    script: Latin