Who Sang Dead End? Do or Die

Do or Die Tradition cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005
length: 3:36
Fight for your life
Round one, the time as come
You habe to do what must be done
Look in his eyes, he's just a man
Like you he ca bleed and die in the end
Turn around, understand, a***yse
Find his strenght, his weakness and his heart
Always remember, your knowledge is a weapon
Your knowledge is a weapon
Vengeance is like a dead end
Use all you have to bring this a****** down
Fight for your life
Round two, war's a weapon
No mercy, the danger is in front of you
Strike first, with all your rage
Strike hard not to fall in disgrace
He's your enemy, the one you have to stop
He sure he won't hurt you anymore

Final round, just one more kick...
Keep control
Watch him bleed
Stop and think! victory leads to suffering suffering
Your knowledge is a weapon
Vengeance is like a dead end
In this case, law's nothing
Protecting yourself even if it leads to killing

CD 1
  • 1 13 Enemies
  • 2 Sentence
  • 3 Tradition
  • 4 Dead End
  • 5 Persecution
  • 6 1930 Prohibition
  • 7 The Pact
  • 8 Vendetta
  • 9 Too Late
  • 10 Bound by Blood
  • 11 Red Dusk
  • 12 Scars
  • 13 Betrayal