Who Sang The Meaning of Honor? Do or Die

Release information
Release Date: 2002
length: 3:33
You were born and raised
To take care of the members
Of your family and lead them on the right way
Crossing your native land
You learned and understood
The meaning of honor

Now you are one of them
Because of blood and honor
And to hunt unworthy traitors

To found the rules of the family
Laws of honor and war
Major and minor
And criminal too
Honor and War

Respect - Love
Honor - Famiglia
Respect - Love
Honor - Famiglia

We all live honourably in our family
Honor and respect are laws
And treason is not forgiven
Laws of blood and silence,
Passed down from father to son
These are the laws of the famiglia

Respect - Love
Honor - Famiglia
Respect - Love
Honor - Famiglia

Respect of values is essential

CD 1
  • 1 La Musica de la Bella Famiglia
  • 2 Breakthrough
  • 3 65 Years of Respect, Blood and Pride
  • 4 Intermezzo
  • 5 Ultimatum
  • 6 The Winning Card
  • 7 Darkened Skies
  • 8 Bella Famiglia
  • 9 Blackened Soul
  • 10 The Meaning of Honor
  • 11 Anonimo
  • 12 Angels of Pain, Demons of War
  • 13 I'm the Only Master of My Destiny