Who Sang Warning Shot? Doap Nixon feat. King Syze , Crypt the Warchild , Planetary & King Magnetic

King Magnetic Sour Diesel cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-7-18
length: 5:22
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Intro: Doap
AOTP man this a warning shot
Next time (Warning shot nigga what)

Verse 1: Doap
MC's be bossed niggas is everywhere the streets is ate out
Them get rich overnight niggas is played out word
Lick up a shot for Big and Pac plus Big L and Big Pun
All the real niggas miss 'em
The day they died so many L's got twist up
The day big died I seen the east coast bitch up
Everybody want to ride or die stay fly get high
Even though them niggas pockets are dry
And lean back and fingers snap
And at the same time talk about slingin crack
They lookin sweet as fuck nigga we G'd up
We don't talk trash clap your dumb-ass while you leaned up
A hundred g and truck got plans keep it up
Doap why ya kicks so clean cause my feet is up
With the whole Army you can tell that its
Doap by the Universal flag on the lapel of my coat

(KTK) Kenny the Kid

Verse 2: King Syze
Yeah, King Syze
I only perform when the stakes is high
And it everything to loose when the game is right
Playin Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun
And we flip to see whose first who gon' run
Fifty chance you live fifty chance you die
Put them stakes up on yo plate you as sweet as pie
Put my life on the line I'ma double my pay
If not the Army man we bringin trouble yo way
The main question who really fuckin wit Dave
You figure it out my clout is the size of a tidal wave
Niggas them other dudes when the get in the booth
Lotta heads want lyrics I just want the truth
I went from East Oak to Allegheny now I live in Kensington its all Philly man
The places that I've ever been
I'm as good as they come plus as real as they get
Lay low for awhile how easy they forget man


Verse 3: Crypt the Warchild
Yeah, took a few L's but I act like I'm undefeated
Rap only for the money cause I fuckin need it
Ya'll trash talk but when I stop ya don't repeat it
Lift up the asphalt put you underneath it
I wit Doap nigga QD official
We don't throw 16's these nigga's throw missiles
How you gonna put an album out with no disc crew?
How the fuck you gotta body count with no pistol?
You never pushed the blade through bone let alone tissue
You a young buck tryin to deal with grown issues
I'm 5'7" 220 you got no gristle
You tryin to move a mountain but you ain't fit too
I'm not a politician so I don't party with em
I'm just tryin to leave em sea sick like tsunami victims
This ain't knowledge wisdom this is violence spittin
Warning shot call the cops stop ya bitchin

Doap man I think its time to take the world over
I'm with you

Verse 3: Planetary
This just a warnin we tormentin yo informant
Informin that we swarmin
I'm Norman Bates in the coffin
Caughin blood spittin up residue from the rugers
I unloosened Medusa with speedin cheetahs and cougars
Move smoother than Satchel swingin bats in the castle
Wrestle with alligators these haters is fragile
I need to battle me a nation of killahs
With werewolves and hounds, gray apes and gorillas
I'm an animal activatin the cannons full
I throw grenades and arsenals by the handful
I'm handball in the ghetto school yards in the '80s
I take back every rap I dedicate to my babies
Spit crazy Planet he needs medication
My legislation legalize dope with no hesitation
Sour Diesel over take a whole crowd of people
It's Pharaoh shit injected through the eye of a needle

What the fuck is he thinking about
We the kings niggah

Verse 4: King Magnetic
The warnin shot is a jab a neck grab a two piece
Cold shoulder that won't blow over in two weeks
New beef is baby cattle grazer Jacob's arrow
Gauge this maybe that'll razor
I stay with Pharaohs blazin they be raskin baited
Maybe thats who grade it they be fast to say shit
They be lackin patience I be smackin faces
There's still shooters on my resume
Targetin stuff like Tresume or maybe Herbal Essences
Bless em with verbal messages I got 5 years when the lessened it
The lesson is unless it is investin not cash stressin em
Pussy hittin 9-1-1 I'm not pressin em
To anyone whose semigun or end yo hemi buzzin
Or buggin and they judge em or they ain't budgin
Then I drug em like a dozen signs singed by yo cousins little cover
Hard to stomach hard to feel these rappers thuggin

Hook: Scratching
Warning shot warning warning shot
Warning shot warning warning shot

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  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Behind the Music
  • 3 Tis the Season
  • 4 The Wait Is Over
  • 5 Heaven Is Calling
  • 6 Everything's Changing
  • 7 Just Venting (skit)
  • 8 Get Dirty
  • 9 Warning Shot
  • 10 Don't Blame Us
  • 11 Respect My G.
  • 12 Gangsta

  • Release information
    label: Babygrande Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin