Who Sang Cottonmouth? Dog’s Eye View

Dog’s Eye View Happy Nowhere cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1995-10-10
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Pop Rock
length: 4:25
Abigail, I'm sorry,
I never meant to kick your mouth
I was afraid, I didn't want to hear
Those words come out.
We agreed it was nothing
I thought we agreed
We would never get attached
Now here we are tied at the head

Wasn't it you who said
Love was useless?
Wasn't it you said
Love was like driving south?
We start out thirsty
And wind up with Cottonmouth

Abigail, knows Birmingham like
The back of a handsome man
All curves leading nowhere
Because they can
When she gets bored sometimes,
She'll follow them around for a while
And try to believe they're
Heading somewhere new

She says "wasn't it you who said
Love was useless?"
Wasn't it you said
"Love was like driving south?"

We start out thirsty
And wind up with cottonmouth

Abigail, I was thirsty,
I could've sworn
You were a cup of water
You poured out your heart,
I drank it,
Now I'm just feeling sick
The scenery keeps changing,
But the same sad plot keeps repeating
And I always wind up leaving you

But wasn't it you,
who said love was useless?
Wasn't it you, who said
Love was useless?
I think it might have been me,
Who said love was like driving south
We start out thirsty, Abigail
We always start out thirsty
Yeah, we start out thirsty

And wind up with cottonmouth
Abigail, I'm sorry

CD 1
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  • 2 Everything Falls Apart
  • 3 Small Wonders
  • 4 The Prince's Favorite Son
  • 5 Cottonmouth
  • 6 Haywire
  • 7 Would You Be Willing
  • 8 Speed of Silence
  • 9 Waterline
  • 10 What I Know Now
  • 11 Subject to Change
  • 12 Bulletproof and Bleeding
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