Who Sang He Would Know? Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton The Bargain Store cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1975-3-16
length: 2:34
composer: Dolly Parton
lyricist: Dolly Parton
Writer Dolly Parton
Copyright 1975

In my mind I've made love to you often but only in my mind can it be so
Cause there's someone at home that's countin' on me
And if I did I'm sure that he would know
Yes he would know yes he could tell
For he has loved me long enough to know me very well
And if I lie he sees it in my eyes I know my guilt would show and he would know
But I must admit you're someone very special and it would be so easy to let go
Making love to you could be so easy but if I did I'm sure that he would know
Yes he would know...
My conscience just won't let me make love to you
I know it would be sweet but I just can't
When I go home to him I must be able to look him in the eyes and say I ain't
Cause he would know...

12" Vinyl 1
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