Who Sang Come Over? Dom Kennedy

Dom Kennedy From the Westside With Love II cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2011-6-28
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 4:12


I stay down for you
I never fucked around on you
Nigga, when they asked who I was they all knew because it's
Written on my face, hit you when I'm out front
Can I come over?
Can I come over?
So can I come over?
Can I come over?

[Verse 1]
The game's so real, she got Italian heels
When I look you in your face, tell me how it feel
Don't be on me in the club, girl, you gotta chill
I want that house on the hill, and I ain't got a deal
She know a nigga out here, but she ridin' still
She my main thang, I let her ride the wheel
I been sorta playin', I'mma try for real
Cause if somebody get her, I'mma die for real
I'm the only one that made her cry for real
I let her hit it once and she got high for real
If she hold the gun, she by my side for real
Eleven minus one, yeah she a dime for real
It's all about you, girl, your time is here
Don't let nobody hear, girl, your mama's here
You know I stay fresh like my prom is here
All I heard was "Yeah, bitch, my Dom is here"


[Verse 2]
I was almost home when she hit my phone
Soundin' all sad like I did her wrong
Sex was real strong, but we didn't get along
It's been a few months, she say she been alone
Pants was so tight, girl, how'd you fit 'em on
If this was junior high, man, they'd send her home
She the inspiration while I pen this song
She told me to come over, so I went along
I know she probably think I'm just gon' hit and leave
I shouldn't even do it from what he did to me
But it wasn't my fault, girl, it was both of us
I don't wanna talk, just lemme poke somethin'
Now I got her leakin' like her boat comin'
Put your leg up, I think I broke somethin'
Tie ya ass up, I'm trynna rope somethin'
When you finna cum, just lemme know somethin'


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