Who Sang Down? Dominion

Release information
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Rock
Style: Death Metal/Doom Metal
length: 3:59
descent in line from innocence
from blood this love defiles me
unchosen - yet it holds our restraint
through this child you will live again

i breathe life through you
i breathe life through
what you believe - through me

dependant in my helpless state
you work on my emotional fate
take out this part of me
which turns me into you

imprint your words in mentality
pass on your own self righteous faith
explain reason in your own wisdom
your failures will live again

imprisoned under fate's own hereditory leader
can i overcome what this dependance fractured
or will you stay here?

fight through this bloodline of distorted pictures
subtract from the mind this broken experience
not to live again

  • 1 Blackout
  • 2 Release
  • 3 Covet
  • 4 Distortion
  • 5 Ill Effect
  • 6 Today's Tomorrow
  • 7 Down
  • 8 Prism
  • 9 Threshold
  • 10 Unseen
  • 11 Fuelling Nothing