Who Sang Prism? Dominion

Release information
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Rock
Style: Death Metal/Doom Metal
length: 3:06
why bow to those in charge
no questions follow aimlessly
time to give away your mind

collide with accepted opinion
you're making it hard
for yourself - in this so called choice
and are we permitted to have imagination
recognise this dormant attitude

don't listen to those who destroy
this instintive direction
who is anyone to lay judgement and
judge you if you don't follow on passively

you're fucking with destiny
down to your own inferior declne

we can't beat them but won't join them
we won't rise up to their ideals
lies, destructive lies
we criticise you in the public eyes

down but not out
they criticise us in the public eye

lies, destructive lies
we criticise you in the public eye

dare to differ and do you fear
being the outcat
afraid of what they might say
turn your back
and let prejudice criticise you
who's the real loser

  • 1 Blackout
  • 2 Release
  • 3 Covet
  • 4 Distortion
  • 5 Ill Effect
  • 6 Today's Tomorrow
  • 7 Down
  • 8 Prism
  • 9 Threshold
  • 10 Unseen
  • 11 Fuelling Nothing