Who Sang Release? Dominion

Release information
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Rock
Style: Death Metal/Doom Metal
length: 4:17
from one who would vent his revenge
through the time you were young
to look up to the put downs he gave instead

in all your darkest questions
you could never find the answers

this chance with death overcasting the way
tempted to try the peace you could give

you would wear your torment on the inside
you'd hide it so well
until you released it again
i thought i could help you

and you would weep to me
reveal this withered spirit
pour out your soul
let me share your misery

and sometimes i saw myself in you
recognised the colourless feelings
we shared relief in knowing we were not alone

i couldn't convince you to believe
the hope had already gone
you'd suffered alienation for far too long

you'd resigned to the description
when you took your own life
your past would never leave
you had already died

the night you chose the ending
i can see those sbtle warnings
pass like it was meant to be
but i am just as quilty

bet you don't miss it here

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