Who Sang Lady of the Flowers? Donovan

Release information
Release Date: 1981-10
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Folk Rock/Ballad
length: 3:10
composer: Donovan
lyricist: Donovan
Your hair blows
The grass grows
Sun yellow cloudless blue
Can't you tell
Green Angel
How I love you.

She's my Lady of the Flowers
She's a sweet herb with a healing way.
She's my Lady of the Flowers

Your hand plays
With Daises
Birds sing and b___erflies
Lips like wine
In paradise


Lover O Lover

Reveal Beloved
Hidden ecstasy
Lady of Seven veils
Administer love to me

Before thy temple
Of inner sanctuary
I lay my burden down
And rest beneath your tree

Lover O Lover lead me within
Lover O Lover lead me within

Sister of Succor
Your kiss is my balm
With your wand you bid
The Beast in me be calm

Arise Serpent arise
Come out your fairy lair
Dance for the maiden with
The moonlight in her hair

Lover O Lover lead me within

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