Who Sang Marathon? Doomtree

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Release information
Release Date: 2015-1-27
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Conscious
length: 7:26

[Intro: Sims]
I had this dream that I was floating
I had this dream that I was on top of the tallest building
And I could see everything around me
And I crept my toes over the edge
I had this dream that I was floating
I had the dream that I was on top
And I crept my toes over the edge
And I dropped everything I was holding

[Verse 1: Sims]
I’m tearing down all these outmoded ideas about now
How it’s going, what it is, and how it sounds
And I walk like midnight city in my grip like
Won’t let it slip until I get light
I’m burning all these old bodies, holding no vigils
See which pieces send smoke signals
No combing the ash, let the breeze sort it out
Boarded-out, that house I tore it down

[Hook: Mike Mictlan]
When it all boils down there’s nothing but bones left
When it all boils down there’s nothing but bones left
When it all boils down there’s nothing but bones left
When it all boils down there’s nothing but bones left
Nothing but bones left, nothing but bones

[Verse 2: Dessa]
And it’s the same safe
But the codes won’t work
Guess the joke’s on me
Looks like I’m on first
The map got turnt
Or the river took out the bridge
But we can’t get out
The way that we came in
The compass needle is sticking
The numbers step out of sequence
The stars here look hardly like the ones from last season
And we’ve been leaking diesel since the first freeze
You can leave the car keys in it
I’m getting out

Each brick is a pixel
Each step is a stitch in the dust
Grass it’ll whistle
Buzzed by the breath in your lungs
Get your day in the sun to be young
Streamers on the handlebars
Soft drugs and underwire
Love’s a funny animal
Be careful what you tell yourself
Fairy tales and anecdotes
Both dangerous for amateurs
Born hunter-gatherers
Agriculture-made matadors
Now given all we’ve wanted for
We watch it on the monitors

[Verse 3: Mike Mictlan]
And you won’t know me by incisors or metacarpus
Claim carcass, head on the wall, body starting the metamorphose
They say we bitterly hold grudge
Distorted intent, well consider the sources
Cow tongue, it’s utterly horseshit
Huddled up, the rudder stuck, redirected our forces
Polyamory: fuck everybody
We devoted to the family, balance against the gravity
Self-hate, rediscovered inside misandry
Clean slate, my desire to rule the man in me
Fever for fire, the flame vapor, the skin paper, the blood thicker
Vein fill up sure as a shape-shifter
Follow forward with the sense of the spot blown
Call it origin, everything before it the Dead Zone
Underworld nan-god indivisible
No subliminal, every bit of mass is not critical
Deity Retired, just remember I lived
Cause you won’t know me by my skull or my rib
Locked in, clocked out
Yeah it is what it is
Just remember I lived
Cause you won’t know me by my skull or my rib
Locked in, clocked out
Yeah it is what it is


[Verse 4: Cecil Otter]
And I’m running to home, it’s running me dry
I loved the road but love can be blind
Covered in gold, covered in pride
Under an oath, under-disguised
And suffered the smoke stuck in your eyes
And we priced it, sold its name, nine sips of Novocaine
I sit inside a cell and side with the kinda hell
That likes when you show its pain
Lives off your fear of heights
Strikes when it’s all the same, and it’s feeling like
Like it’s a say anything moment
The reckonings are everywhere, the mezzanine’s closing
So I ain’t holding nothing on safety
Running up the towers, I was running on empty
Break me, shape me under the knife
Raise me up til I’m grown, break another device to set free
Shake the love of my life, tell them nothing was wrong
Tell me nothing was right, prestige


[Verse 5: Sims]
This time I slit the throat ruthless
Profuse rouges out the wound
Washing out these blueprints
Hammers to these lead balloons
Cement shoes and useless abuses
{​Leave the wolf--leave the wolf}​ Leave the wolf toothless
I had this dream that I was floating
Free from these explosions in the subtle
Cuffs uncoupled
When I woke wildfire turned the broken into rubble
Turned myself into molten
Poured out what isn’t potent


[Break: Sims]
I had this dream that I was floating

[Verse 6: P.O.S.]
Uh, respect given where it’s livin'
Peace to non-violents populating the prisons
Bag of dicks, follow the money track
Chew on that if you profit off of somebody’s back
Atlas with the standards
Sickle's sharp and red as fuck with my hammer
Chisel tippin', chisel chippin', shaping scenery
Hit the prism, catch a vision, whiff of unity
Let 'em dip and sweat and trip out on the tryptamines
Instead of feeling it’s better living through chemistry
Or probably extra feeling everything
Hyper-realing the fuck out of nights because days sting
And playthings save sentiments
Pain brings them same things to resent and quit
So it’s a chest full of broke toys
And no noise is loud enough to drown me
Got your boy turning every knob to the right
Every button with an arrow up crushed
'Til my vision is bright white
Mute the dialogue, watch the lips move
Change the script around, make that bullshit tight
I been a real self-starter
Found myself swimmingly, real hot water
Since I was young I seem to feel this harder
These guys are fucking kidding me
World made for LARPers
I tend to ghost, knapsack, arrow, and stealth
Full of mean and a copy of Health Is in You!
Sometimes it be like that
Just gotta put the pipe down and get your feelings back, ya heard?
Kids, spitting on teens
Pulling down cloud nine, pissing on dreams
Shitting on em, it's real bodily for me right now
I’m 'bout to body somebody and barf
Every fluid 'cept the good one
Giver everyday 'til every city is in ruins
And Bash 'til I'm burger
Hashtag No Kings, crash y'alls server

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