Who Sang 2's Blind? Dos Gringos

Release information
Release Date: 2003-12-1
length: 3:59
Taxied out on a twelve-ship LFE
And I lost count of who was one and who was three
It's nothing new, it happens every time
Over victor, "2's Blind"
We took off on a radar a**isted trail
Tried a boresight lock and got an FCR fail
Then lead turned into the sun like he does every f****** time
Aw sonafabitch! "2's Blind"

Why is he so d*** hard to see
It must be his flying 'cause it d*** sure isn't me
We got spiked and lead went to the notch
When he did I had my eyes down in my crotch
When I looked up only jack s*** did I find
Goddammit! "2's Blind"

We pushed to the target and lead said, "Just keep sight"
But then he actioned left when I swear to Jesus that he briefed right
It's times like this when I feel a bit resigned
To just f****** eject rather than admit that I am blind
Dear God, what the hell have I done wrong?
Is it 'cause I drink and smoke and cuss and repeatedly stroke my s******?

Needless to say my IP busted me
He gave me a zero when I think it's clear that I earned a three
'Cause what he doesn't know is that he's lucky to be alive
When I said I was visual I lied my a** off, I was blind

CD 1
  • 1 World War III
  • 2 2's Blind
  • 3 I Dropped the Bomb
  • 4 Jeremiah Weed
  • 5 Predator Eulogy
  • 6 I'm a Pilot
  • 7 JDAM Blues
  • 8 Last of the Breed
  • 9 The Bitch Spent All My Money
  • 10 The Wingmen
  • 11 The Hounds of War Song
  • 12 I Don't Want to Be a Fighter Pilot
  • 13 He Loves the Cock