Part‐Time Lover Lyrics - Double You

Release information
Release Date: 1994
Genre: Electronic Pop
Style: Europop/Euro House
length: 3:03
Do you believe in me
I said I love you but you don't care
I see your face and it's everywhere
my soul is drowning in the sea of flame
memories shout to release the pain
love is dead and there's no escape
nowhere to run nowhere to hide
now I'm standing here in the dark
and silence is my friend
Chorus I
You belong to me, I belong to you
better leave before you leave me
standing rapping in the rain
Repeat Chorus I
Chorus II
Part-time lover I won't let you go
part-time lover I don't know what to do
part-time lover I'm down on my knees
part-time lover do you believe in me
Remember the times when we talked about this
Remember the times when you used to kiss
we tried and we missed your showing me the door
I tell you I won't die and maybe I won't cry
I'd better be gone before I break the door
anyway I'll move and I'll stand tall
I better be careful I don't want to hurry
we gotta forget it let's do it again
Repeat Chorus II
Repeat Chorus I (2x)
Repeat Chorus II (2x)

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