Who Sang Honey? Doveman

Doveman The Acrobat cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005-7-26
length: 5:10

There's honey all around us there's honey in the air
If i call you honey darling would you smile or would you even care

If I fall from grace again and tears are in your eyes will you leave me down below or will you lift me up into the skies

You turn your back on me again each time it's the same
You turn and walk away and then you wait for me to fall wait for me to call your name

We walk through life together we walk through fields of ice
I could die here in your arms but I'm not sure you're worth the sacrifice

And if there's honey down below dig on past the gold
The word of god is fine I guess but I don't like to do as i am told

And if you walk away again it won't be the same I will fight at first but then
This time I won't fall this time I won't call your name

You never saw me coming now I'm all you see
But if you felt like running now you'll find that you dont run as fast as me

There's honey all around us there's honey on your breath
But if I stop to kiss you now the judge will give me life for love and theft

I turn my back on you again each time it's the same
Turn and walk away and then I wait for you to fall wait for you to call my name

CD 1
  • 1 Honey
  • 2 Chasing Clouds
  • 3 Cities
  • 4 Teacup
  • 5 Boy + Angel
  • 6 House
  • 7 Walk On
  • 8 Clouds
  • 9 Drinking
  • 10 Dancing