Who Sang Alone? Downface

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length: 3:54
It's been a long day
At the bottom of the hill
They say she died of a broken heart
She told me I was living in the past
Drinking from a broken glass
I'm Alone
Now I turn to face the cold
I'm Alone
Now I turn to travel home
I walked down
to the other end today
Just to catch those last few rays
I held out my hands and slowly waved goodbye
I turn my eyes to the sky
She'll come back to me
I held out my hands to the light and I watched it die
I know, that I was part to blame
But I've done my time
and I Never want to spend my life alone

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  • 2 Frustrated
  • 3 Alone
  • 4 Listen
  • 5 Bring Me Down
  • 6 Ocean
  • 7 Storm (Part of Me)
  • 8 Head Case
  • 9 Confidence
  • 10 No Regrets
  • 11 Alone (acoustic)
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