Who Sang Hokey Pokey Man? Dr. Macdoo

Release information
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Electronic Pop
Style: Euro House
length: 3:09

I remember one cold day in December
In a snowball fight I won a hotdog van
I don’t like cooking so I bought an ice cream blender
And threw away the stove and the pots and pans

So then I fixed and mixed my tricks of special spices
With a smashing crush of burgers, fish and chips
Then I had my meaty tutti-frutti ices
With it’s very own exotic tartan dip

I am the hokey-pokey man
The hokey-pokey man
A hokey-pokey man
From the hokey-pokey clan
The hokey-pokey man
Driving in my van
The hokey-pokey-hokey-pokey-hokey-pokey-hokey-
Pokey man

You should try my haggis cheeze, it’s so delicious
And my chocolate fishy mint is just the best
Why is no one screaming for my ice cream
My vanilla flavoured squid or chicken breast

I don’t worry cos I’ve found the answer
You know this stuff can be sold for cats and dogs
Last week I had an order for some hamsters
Strangely all pets seem to like it, even frogs


  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Family Macdoo
  • 3 Macahula Dance
  • 4 Loch Ness
  • 5 Under the Kilt
  • 6 Hokey Pokey Man
  • 7 Highland Reggae
  • 8 Scottish Ghost
  • 9 Mayday Mayday
  • 10 The Mad Piper
  • 11 Bagpipesong
  • 12 Grandfather Macdoo
  • 13 Outro