Who Sang Dream Zone? Dr. Sin

Dr. Sin Bravo cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
length: 5:11
Dream Zone
Dr. Sin

Composição: Andria Busic, Ivan Busic

Free yourmind now
Let yourself go
Free your mind
Now hear this
How i wish
I wish that I could Fly
Fly through the opens sky
If i could I'de be traveing through time
Maybe change history

Like a pioneer
Discovring new lands
Like a s___eship
Landing on th moon
I've created my world
I changed my life
By dreaming

In the desert will rain
Threes will grow from the sand
No more hunger or pain
Love will rule every day

CD 1
  • 1 Drowning in Sin
  • 2 Nomad
  • 3 Empty World
  • 4 Freedom
  • 5 Behind Enemy Lies
  • 6 Taj Mahal
  • 7 Celebration Song
  • 8 Hail Caesar
  • 9 Signs
  • 10 C'est la vie
  • 11 Dream Zone
  • 12 Life Is Crazy
  • 13 Full Throttle
  • 14 Wake Up Call
  • 15 Think It Over
  • 16 Welcome to the Show