Who Sang Pain? Dr. Sin

Release information
Release Date: 2000
length: 5:46
Biding my time, in the
Still of the night
I'm wondering why
Oh why I'm wasting my time ?
I'm feeling so bad,
Thinkin'of what we had
I never really knew
That I was losing you

Now I have no reason,
No reason to smile
I look in the mirror
I can't find myself

Something is not right
I've been losing my mind
I've stucking inside the pain
Up all night feel the
Presure of life
I don't think you'll understand
I turn my head see an empty bed,
Oh, I wish that you were here
Everything has changed so much
Since she left me alone,
Now i'm on my onw

Day after day,
I try to find a way
Prayin'for the rain
To wash away the pain
So many times, how
I've looked to the sky
I couldn't see the lights
Oh, Why was I so blind

CD 1
  • 1 Time After Time
  • 2 Danger
  • 3 Gates of Madness
  • 4 Eternity
  • 5 Fly Away
  • 6 Miracles
  • 7 Same Old Story
  • 8 What Now
  • 9 Pain
  • 10 Devil Inside
  • 11 Suffocation