Who Sang The King? Dr. Sin

Release information
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
length: 3:53
Yeah, classic hip hop ****
Dr. D-R-E
Rozay and Jay, let's get 'em

We started out moppin' floors
And now we front row at the awards
Number one for the last twenty years
If you real motha****a scream cheers! (cheers, cheers)
Motha****a scream cheers! (cheers, cheers)
Yeah and it is what it is
He wanted to shine at the swap meet
Til the white boys got him in that hot seat
I only love it when her hair long
You should listen to this beat through my headphones
Money long, number one twenty years strong
**** a gym, I am him, Andre Young
G5's to 6-4s, Dre got 'em
If the ***** bad I got her in red bottoms
Great weed, nice homes, bread proper
Tec nine, one chamber, top shotta
Bentley coupe, new yacht, my helicopter
Born broke, real ***** straight out of Compton
The **** you magazine *****s want from me?
I rewrote the game, *****, now talk money
All black on my Al Capone ****
I built a house, ***** get your own ****
I only love it when her hair long
You should listen to this beat through my headphones

See y'all *****s
Hit the switches on that **** one time, huh
Let the top down

I came a long way from the weed game
Twenty stack seats at the Heat game
And I'm still strapped with the heat man
And we steppin' on a ***** feet man
80 pair of sneakers came from the D game
Cousin was a Crip, said it was a C thing
Brown bag money in a duffle bag
**** 'em all, wet 'em and we gotta double back
The homie whippin' chickens in his momma kitchen
On the mission, said he get it for his son tuition
Real *****'s dreams comin' to fruition
Stumble, but I never fall, leanin' on my pistol
I only love her when the *** fat
We should listen to this track in my Maybach
I'm just tryin' to be a billionaire
Come and suck a **** for a millionaire

Uh, it's just different
I know it feels different

Uh, I only love her if her eyes brown
Play this **** while you play around with my crown
King H-O, y'all should know by now
But if you don't know, uh
Millions on the wall in all my rooms
*****s couldn't **** with my daughter's room
*****s couldn't walk in my daughter's socks
Banksy *****es, Basquiat
I ran through that buck fifty Live Nation fronted me
They workin' on another deal, they talkin' two hundred fifty
I'm holdin' out for three
Two seventy five and I just might agree
Ex-D-boy, used to park my beamer
Now look at me, I can park in my own arena
I only love her if her weave new
I'm still a hood *****, what you want me to do?
Been hoppin' out the BM with your BM
Taking her places that you can't go with your per diem
Screamin' carpe diem until I'm a dead poet
Robin Williams ****, I deserve a golden globe *****!
I take a Ace in the meanwhile
You ain't gotta keep this Khaled, it's just a freestyle
**** rap money, I've made more off crates
**** show money, I spent that on drapes
Close the curtains, **** boy, out my face
I whip the coke, let the lawyer beat the case
Murder was the case that they gave me
I killed the Hermes store, somebody save me
Stuntin' to the max like wavy
Oh ****!
Oh, stuntin' to the max, I'm so wavy
Used to shop at TJ Maxx back in '83
I don't even know if it was open then
I ain't know Oprah then
Have the XL 80 bike
Loud motor, they be like, "Damn!" when I'm comin' through, rang
Had the grill in '88, y'all *****s is late
You got all that, right?
I love this **** like my own daughter
Let's spray these *****s, baby, just like daddy taught ya
Young, this is just different

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  • 2 Lady Lust
  • 3 U R Deleted
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  • 5 Train of Pain
  • 6 Seven Sins
  • 7 Pray for Tomorrow
  • 8 The King
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