Who Sang We’re Not Alone? Dr. Sin

Release information
Release Date: 2015
Genre: Rock
Style: Heavy Metal
length: 4:50
I look up to the sky,
What a scary sight!
Formations of lights,
Shinning into the night
Now I know.
We are not alone
And I don´t know
If it´s right or wrong!
Invading our s***e,
Leaving no trace!
In our world!
We´re not alone!
I think we'd better pray,
We`re such an easy prey!
Aliens are coming,
Are they white or grey?
In our world!
We´re not alone!
Will they come in peace?
Do they mean no harm?
Should we be pleased or prepare to war?
In our world!
We´re not alone!
Aliens, aliens, aliens, aliens

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