Who Sang The Thing I Done? Robi Draco Rosa

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Release Date: 2018-10-26
length: 3:11
I roll like thunder
Go, like dynamite
All flesh and bone, I come
Old death 'long by my side
In from the storm
This scornful breath about my tongue
O' the thing I done

I took my chances
Took what chance I got
Lord know, my hand is tied
This all-bindin', ancient, blood
There flood my mind, images
Blindin' as the sun
O' the thing I done

Can't tell my future
I can't tell my past
It's only eludin' fate
That make my journey's task
That weight down upon me
Out on the run
O' the thing I done

The band are playin'
Bathed in electrical light
But I'm all at sea, away
Under the shade o' that dark fright
Know I, never had a chance, I come
Bound to all, I done

You hear me singin'
Know my time ain't long
Desirous, this song I bring
On these unrestin' bones
Long ways from home, I stumbled
Long, since time begun
O' the thing I done
The thing I done
The thing I done
The thing I done

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    country(area): United States
    format: Digital Media