Who Sang Sensuality? Drafi Deutscher

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length: 3:14
I see your eyes and I feel a lot of sensuality
Your deep blue eyes give me such a kind of filling ecstasy.
So I lay me down on a blanket made of purple fantasy

You've touched me by your heart
You did it from the start

And all because of sensuality.
How dreary was my life before your time !
A time of dissipation
I lived apart from life's reality.
But now you're here
I feel the good vibration

It's more than physical on top of sensuality.
I can see
Every move you make is sensuality

Why is it me you are giving all your love and sympathy?
All the time
I will be with you until eternity

I feel your energy just deep inside of me
Your energy of sensuality.

  • 1 Guardian Angel
  • 2 Doch das Weinen hab ich längst
  • 3 Sensuality
  • 4 Krieg der Herzen
  • 5 Wenn du so wärst wie die Andere
  • 6 Rainy Day Feeling
  • 7 Dich holt niemand mehr zurück
  • 8 Sugar Woman
  • 9 Vorprogrammiert
  • 10 Lost in New York
  • 11 Die Strasse
  • 12 Wenn du mich liebst
  • 13 Mein Schatten hat Hörner
  • 14 Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht