The Maiden and the River Lyrics - Dreams of Sanity

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Release information
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Rock
Style: Symphonic Rock/Goth Rock/Heavy Metal
length: 6:38
And no one's here to tell about my live
I'll sing this lonely tune again and again
To bear the echos in my mind.

The things I did - the words I said
Though time passed by - I can't forget
In hopeless times - alone I've cried
Time, time - pass me by!

A youngster's guilt once taken upon
The strengthening shoulders of a growing man
The weakness age has rolled in 'em pines
Has not reduced the burdens I bear.

Alone I stood amidst the river
That flooded lightness onto my soul
As a simple tune so true in its beauty
was swirling across the glitters of light.

And as my eyes focused upon
a distant glitter amidst the woods
The sudden ungreening of the trees
unvailed a singing maiden's outstanding line.

"Step forward to the shimmering one!
Be kind to me my blistered feet!
Obey! My swollen tongue for once
in my life I have to - to..."

But not I moved for all my might
The maiden smiled and walked on by.
No scream, no words - just the pain
that echos on and on again.

Since then I never saw again
The skirts of springtime wandering by.
For all the colours of the world
Look dim compared to what I saw that day.

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