Mark My Words Lyrics - Drive Like Carson

Release information
Release Date: 2008-6-17
length: 2:41
Don't try to keep me alive
Start planning out the funeral
Sit me down in the hospital
There's nothing left to revive
There's nothing left inside of me
Mark my words, I'm gone for good
Can you hear me, anybody?
My hopes drove home without me in the car
It's nothing new
Now I'm left out and don't know why.
Could you please let me back inside

This is the end
It's a terrifying risk, you gonna take it?
Understand, all of this is only for your entertainment
So call me crazy, I don't care
I'm losing patience so get me up let's start the show.
It's a nice day for letting go
You don't know me at all
And you sure don't have the remedy,
Oh my God, I'm so alone
Can you feel me anybody?
I'm taking the easy way out
I'll give you something to write about
You're not able to say goodbye,
Now my hearts beating back to life
It was 2:45 a.m.
The lids of my eyes sunk low in my head
I gave a once over to everything you said
The world would be a lot better if i were dead.

This is the end.
Shut it down, let's not pretend you're gonna make it
This is the end, can you you feel it?

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