Know Your Name Lyrics - Dwele

Release information
Release Date: 2005-9
Genre: Hip Hop Funk / Soul
Style: Neo Soul/RnB/Swing
length: 4:01

My Lady, My Lady, My lady
[verse 1:]
My lady you doing it
I can't withstand
You better slow it down,
Where I'm from, Dwele will make you forget your man
I'm trying to hold tight, but I can't help if he don't move you like you need to be
(ooh oh baby alright)
(All I) wanna do (is) glide or slow motion straight to you
(Then) Figure a way to make you move (by)
Using my hands, using my dance
(All I) wanna know (is) when you get it down on the floor
(How) does your body move and make me grab your hand
And find out your name
Ah, my lady
Wanna know what you eat, what you speak, wanna know your name
Ah, my lady
Wanna know if you smoke, if you tote, wanna know your name
Ah, my lady
Wanna call you tonight but I don't even know your name
Ah, my lady
Wanna know how you feel about me gettin to know you
[verse 2:]
I got you step with me you need a ting, I
Got you, come with me, now I think its time
Wait it's so close
Let's move on to the after party,
I thinking that you stare at me for
Tonight there's no greater love, love
(All I) needed was
(one) line, one dance I thought just
(two) minutes ago you had a man
But (now) things have changed, I see nothing stays the same
(All I) wanna know (is) the quickest way to the back door
If you don't mind, I won't complain
I don't even know your name
You are (my lady), I wanna get to know you babe, said you are (my lady)
I need to know you in every way because you are (my lady)
You're my my my, I need to know you in a special way (my lady, my my)
So come on baby
[hook x2]
(ah) my lady, (ah) my lady, (ah) my lady, (ah) my lady...

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