Who Sang Zombie? E-40 feat. Tech N9ne & Brotha Lynch Hung

Brotha Lynch Hung The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 1, 2 & 3 cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-3-26
length: 3:50
Your a zombie,
Your a zombie, monster, ghoul or fiend,

(Brotha Lynch Hung)

Lynch, E-40,
It's that season of the sickness your witnessing n____ sittin spin,
Ima get you addicted when I spit s___ venomous s___, s___ again,
s___ so much I gotta go to Costco to get my toilet paper,
Hit so much, spit so much wit the pistol up, I'm a skitzo nut,
Zeppo rape or keep her safe or he could take her,
Chill pill, real deal, kill bill,
I'm might be sick,

So I'm choppin em up leave rotten meat,
(Your a zombie)
Ima be drama free like my momma be,
Supersize before I let a n____ ride on me, that ain't comedy,
I don't get, I don't have to get it,
Mini AK, I call him midget,
An he got a sister heatin em up makin his skin blister,
I'm a monster your a zombie.

Your a zombie,
Your a zombie, monster, ghoul or fiend.


I'm lookin out the window when it's thundering and lighting in 2 in the afternoon the sky is black and it's frightening,
There howling, looking n prowling, growling,
Back we're smiling, crowding,
Around my place,
Gimme 40 feed and a house of s___e,
Before I bust you in the face,
Witch thumper, thumper,
Pack 3 guns like a hunter, hunter,
Kick a n____ a__ like a putter, putter,
Beat a m____fucka like a drummer, drummer,
Base play crazy half a hate a hazy,
4 game like the Gracie's,
I a monster, Ima fiend on the microphone,
Walk into my twilight zone,
Play me foul get tombstoned,
Send you da hell where you belong,
Gonna wish ya had a m____fuckin snow cone, no coat on,
I got the wickedest flow,
Serve a m____fucka take out to go,
Send a hammerhead to a sucka front door, less ya woody wanna nina in this hoe.

Your a zombie,
Your a zombie, monster, ghoul or fiend.

(Tech N9ne)

If your a zombie, monster, ghoul or fiend,
If your a zombie see your lovin every way tech, lynch and 40 sing,
See ya gotta be conscious of what it means,
Then I know that your ready for what it brings,
Do you know what I mean when I say Caribou Lou,
Then your tellin me Tech Nina go ahead and do you,
Do ya never get enough of Nina and you listen when you with the crew,
KCT you know and just what it do,
Your a__ probly startin to moshpit,
Lovin every minute of bangin this boss s___,
You throwin up your set around all cliques,
You never wanna be hangin wit a soft b____,
You know who you are m____fuckas.

Your a zombie,
Your a zombie, monster, ghoul or fiend.

CD 1
  • 1 Fast Lane
  • 2 They Point
  • 3 Rock Stars
  • 4 Outta Town
  • 5 What's My Name
  • 6 Slummin'
  • 7 Do the Playa
  • 8 Cutlass
  • 9 Turn It Up
  • 10 Let's Fuck
  • 11 Bust Moves
  • 12 Can You Feel It?
  • 13 What Is It Over?
  • 14 In the Ghetto
  • 15 Rollin'
  • 16 In This Thang Breh
  • 17 Mary Jane
  • 18 Help Me
  • 19 Blame It on the DJ
  • 20 Beatin' the Trunk Loose
    CD 2
  • 1 I'm Laced
  • 2 On the Case
  • 3 Function
  • 4 Tryna Get It
  • 5 Street Nigga
  • 6 The Other Day Ago
  • 7 This Is the Life
  • 8 Sell Everything
  • 9 My Life
  • 10 Grey Skies
  • 11 With the Shit
  • 12 Hittin' a Lick
  • 13 This Shit Hard
  • 14 Scorpio
  • 15 Red & Blue Lights
  • 16 Zombie
  • 17 Memory Lane
  • 18 I Know I Can Make It
  • 19 I Can Do Without You
  • 20 I'm Doin' It
    CD 3
  • 1 Jealous
  • 2 Wasted
  • 3 What You Smoking On
  • 4 Making My Rounds
  • 5 Catch a Fade
  • 6 Be You
  • 7 It's Curtains
  • 8 Stove on High
  • 9 Get Loose
  • 10 Gargoyle Serenade
  • 11 Pussy Loud
  • 12 I Ain't Doin' Nothin'
  • 13 What Happened to Them Days
  • 14 I'm on His Top
  • 15 Get Ya Weight Up
  • 16 Salute You
  • 17 40 & Hiero
  • 18 Sidewalk Memorial
  • 19 Over Here
  • 20 My Whip Hot