Who Sang Salvaged? Earth From Above

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length: 3:41
A new revelation of false intentions and misconceptions has been exposed. This is how the story unfolds:

The number of deceived have been lost over the years.
Betrayed everyone who listened with open ears.
Blessings have been mistaken for power.
Exposed our shame to hide your guilt.
How is it possible to take the broken promises back?
When all they've done is push us further and further away.
We are blinded by our insecurities.
To find the beauty within is an understatement.
The a****sment is no good and the prognosis is poor.
Brace yourselves, the impact is inevitable.
This crash has devastated my hopes of survival.
There is no one left to point the finger at.
I ate up all of your lies.
With every word you say, a part of me callously dies.
And now I've come to a point where all seems lost.
Father, I place my pain before your throne and acknowledge my shame.
Take everything.
Use what's left of this wreckage.
Salvage the broken pieces.
I am plagued but I am not broken.
Oppressed but still I stand.
I am too weak to take this cup.
I asked for it, but had no idea it would overflow so quick in so little time.
Control has slipped through my hands and I am too crippled to grab a hold of it once again.
They've exposed our shame to hide their guilt, but love covers a multitude of sins.
Calm these storms and rescue me from the sea!

  • 1 Redeemer: Greater Love
  • 2 Burials
  • 3 Fatum
  • 4 Salvaged
  • 5 Vital Signs Of A Rude Awakening
  • 6 An Abstract Struggle
  • 7 Redeemed: From The Wastes
  • 8 Numbered With The Transgressors
  • 9 Death Of Ignorance
  • 10 The Antidote