Who Sang Sometimes? Earth to Andy

Release information
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock
length: 3:55
Large fingers pushin' paint...
You're God and you got big hands...
The colors blend...
The challenges you give man...
Seek my part...devote myself...
My small self...like a book amongst the many on a shelf...
Sometimes I know sometimes I rise
Sometimes I fall sometimes I don't
Sometimes I cringe sometimes I live
Sometimes I walk sometimes I kneel
Sometimes I speak of nothing at all...
Sometimes I reach to myself, hear God...

  • 1 Biting at My Heels
  • 2 Everafter
  • 3 Sometimes
  • 4 Pollute
  • 5 The Buffalo
  • 6 Smoke Ring
  • 7 Simple Machine
  • 8 Still After You
  • 9 Kalifornia
  • 10 Crystallize
  • 11 Better Days