Who Sang Sleep With Me? Earwig

Release information
Release Date: 2000
length: 3:22

I don't understand
Why you won't even look at me
I sent you flowers
But you didn't even get to see them
All these people drive me crazy here
And so do you
You don't respond to me at all
Do you hear a word i'm saying
What i'm trying to say is
I dont understand
Why you won't sleep with me
I dont understand
Why you won't sleep with me
There's things we need to talk about
Like maybe i was just caught up in my own life
Maybe i was too stupid and too strong to realize that things got wrong
But i'm asking you
Cause it's the last time
They'll be no doubt left on the ride home
And sit in the car won't make me feel clean
So no one's going to shake my hand and tell me you're not dead
I don't understand
Why you won't sleep with me
Sleep tight
And now the hair of my lover is not so black
The presence of your memory is merely an addiction
Look at how the outside world lives
And feel so blind
And these pieces of our reality that you left behind
The black and blue chair, the wedding ring, the black and white tv
They don't mean anything to me
They really dont mean anything to me
Anything at all

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