Who Sang Stalinorgel? Eastern Front

Eastern Front Blood on Snow cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2010-9-13
length: 4:48
Spewing forth relentless salvos
Engulfed in a hellish inferno
Death comes howling from above
As the Stalinorgel battery is unleashed.
Missiles rain down enveloped in flame
Hear the haunting cries approaching
See the enemy flee before this monstrosity
Saturation bombardment destroys armour and infantry
Missiles closing in
Hundreds now approaching
Death is falling
From steel wings

Stalin Orgel

Smoke drifts across a field of flames
Supreme forces lay in ruin

Crushed beneath the weight of an artillery strike
Katyusha rockets redeploy to avoid any reprieve
Fear in the heart of the incoming enemy
The Stalinorgels fire on with ferocity.

CD 1
  • 1 Stalinorgel
  • 2 Battle of Smolensk
  • 3 Blood on Snow
  • 4 Unleash the Panzer Division
  • 5 Motherland
  • 6 Dvenadtzat Kilometrov Ot Moskvy
  • 7 At the Gates of Moscow
  • 8 Where Warriors Once Fell