Echo & The Bunnymen - An Eternity Turns 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2001-5-1
ジャンル: Rock
スタイル: Indie Rock/Alternative Rock
length: 4:05
No hands on the wheel
Nothing can touch you
When you can't even feel
No one you can trust
Cause no one's for real
No one's for real
Father forget us
Or father forgive us
Giving us faith
And then calling us sinners
Mixing up the losers
With all of the winners
Tonight,­ yeah yeah yeah

Kneeling at the crossroads
All my bridges burning
Down the river my life flows
Took another wrong turning

Knows what she feels
But he's never felt her
Wanted a home
But he needed shelter
Never gonna win
With the hand he dealt her
Aces low, tonight
Yeah yeah yeah


I will find you¡­i know you only want to share my pain
But I've got something weird
Pumping through my veins
Got the type of blood
That can't be changed,
Can't be changed


CD 1
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  • 2 Super Mellow Man
  • 3 Hide & Seek
  • 4 Make Me Shine
  • 5 It's Alright
  • 6 Buried Alive
  • 7 Flowers
  • 8 Everybody Knows
  • 9 Life Goes On
  • 10 An Eternity Turns
  • 11 Burn for Me
  • 12 Marble Towers
  • 13 Scratch the Past