Who Sang Prologue (Where We End...)? Echoes

Echoes Nature I Existence cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2009
length: 4:49
Born from the sun, this was meant to last more than just a flutter
As the seasons came to pass and the world's weight shifted
From tired shoulders into the hearts of those who were ailing
Hope forever lost in the currents of life all that remains just a glimmer
But my heart knows this and knows it well for it has suffered
Felt joy, felt pain, felt happiness, tasted defeat, basked in its glory
That who was once lost can always come back to us
For our actions shape the world and our inaction does as well
And even with a heart broken and tears in my eyes
I needed to tell you, this is where I end and where this story begins

CD 1
  • 1 Epilogue (...Is Where We Start)
  • 2 Rude Awakening
  • 3 Leaf Motif
  • 4 Lullaby
  • 5 Bonfires
  • 6 Unfair
  • 7 Seasons Came To Pass
  • 8 Far From Coincidence
  • 9 Despair
  • 10 Winds of Dread
  • 11 Farewell
  • 12 Prologue (Where We End...)