Who Sang Another Day? Echolyn

Echolyn When the Sweet Turns Sour cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1996-6
Genre: Rock
Style: Prog Rock
length: 3:30
Teacher said it would be nice
To listen once to her advice
But I sat there dreaming 'til her ruler cracked my knuckles
Her five foot nothing body was as aide as she was tall
She was always pulling pants down to administer her charm

Learn by example, told to respect
Do as we say, stand up straight and use your head

My parents spent good money to give my life a better chance
I sat there, waiting for that recess bell to ring
My mind was always on something else
When it was time to crack the books
Like walking though the candy store
Or flipping cards out in the yard

Taught on the playground to fend for ourselves
Adopting strange habits you won't find at home
Disrupting dads castle and turning mom gray
These are just two of my favorite things

Sliding board and monkey bars
As far as the eye can see
The horseshow pits woke me up
In a place where I'd never grow old
All these dirty knees and broken bones
Were all a part of growing up
Dads whistle meant that it was time to eat
I live to play another day

He was not supposed to turn his head
We were not supposed to make a sound
Act like nothing ever happened

CD 1
  • 1 100 Diversions
  • 2 Another Day
  • 3 Where the Sour Turns to Sweet
  • 4 Meaning and the Moment
  • 5 The Currents of Me
  • 6 Patchwork
  • 7 This Time Alone
  • 8 A Little Nonsense
  • 9 As the World