Who Sang Bright Sides? Echolyn

Echolyn ...and Every Blossom cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1993-7
Genre: Rock
Style: Acoustic
length: 3:08

Just give me a smile
And I'll cherish it dearly
I'll save it in memory for a rainy day
Just give me some laughter
There's nothing quite like it
Pain, grief, and sadness will all melt away

If you happen to know The Hundred Acre Wood
Or the way to Toad Hall
Then please fill me in
Because tea is at twelve
And there's a chair by the fire
If the conversation's good I'll be staying awhile

Today's the perfect day for the bright side of life
They'll pick you up and tune you in
And make you feel alright
It's like waltzing in Vienna or flying in a dream
A string ensemble breathing
The rolling tide of spring

If you find yourself aching
For a cold cup of Entwash
A walk in the moonlight or some Longbottom Leaf
May the leeward side find you
The sun never blind you
The good book remind you
Of the love that we share

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