Who Sang Brittany? Echolyn

Echolyn Cowboy Poems Free cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2000-6
Genre: Rock
Style: Prog Rock
length: 6:35

Mother and father say the homefront's doing fine
You're still the talk of the table and the toast at suppertime
Still held in the highest regard, you always had your way
Even little Tuckie looked up from his bowl
When he heard your name today
We usher life along, with a handshake and a smile
You and brother carry on, we'll be OK for a while
Your Model-T is safe
Stan stored it at Adam's place
4 new tires and a cover top
Rations for gas are all in place
Walt writes to say he's alive
He's been driving Little Willie's "Peep,"
And a Diamond T with wind brakes
Pacific life just can't be beat!
Brother to brother, one soldier to another
We hope you'll stay in touch
'cause the family's losing sleep...

I miss you soldier boy, yes I really do
And the whole damn family misses you, too!

Show 'em what you got Reub
You can take it on the chin
We've got the winning edge
We're red-blooded Americans
Take care of your health Reub
You'll come back a better man
Only 2 more tours to go
Just follow the master plan
At 18 you've already seen enough to pass life's test
So stay in your foxhole Reub
The battle's bulging at Brest...

When the whole world is another world away
You live your life waiting for words from yesterday
Ball and chained to a cause that keeps us free
You live your life waiting at blessed Brittany...

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