Who Sang Different Days? Echolyn

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Genre: Rock
length: 7:47

Well, I’m in hiding, but not too far
Where time gets bent into the bar
The same old drink, lit by waves, on different days

The familiar chords bounce off the walls
In C’s and D’s and E’s
Well I’ve been here before to spend my different ways

On different days, I’m in hiding

The volume jumbles and fights for more
Like swirls of buzzing bees
I can’t hear the stories in the cracks of the day, no

Little bursts of language dissipate
The stories try to hang on
Well, there’s nothing here that hasn’t been said... I’m running dry

It’s the moves you never make inside
It’s the moves you never make in time
See the bottom rising

I’m buried in a cycle that I notice in my brain
The repeating seems unstoppable, even when I change
I forget everything I remember- in denial, I am denied
My head feels like swarming and checking off boxes for days and days and days

You move into the storm
It pulls you where you’re going

I’m looking up through the layers
There’s a tumbling sky that’s got to land
I’m covered in its pooling measures
No matter where I run, no matter were I stand

When they run away, I stay awake (can't let go)
I stay awake on different days (can't let go)

The different days are so out from the rest
I can’t recognize the time
Don’t pull your hat down or go around
‘Cause it’s everything in everything, and then some

Now I’m back in the ballroom, dancing the buck-and-wing
I’ve been tapping solo for so long
My limbs are flying, but I’m not rising to any degree
‘Cause I’m just spinning, wasted movement and energy

CD 1
  • 1 Messenger of All’s Right
  • 2 Warjazz
  • 3 Empyrean Views
  • 4 Different Days
  • 5 Carried Home
  • 6 Once I Get Mine
  • 7 Sound of Bees
  • 8 All This Time We’re Given
  • 9 Vanishing Sun

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    format: CD
    barcode: 888295300919
    script: Latin