Who Sang Lunch in the Sun? Echolyn

Echolyn ...and Every Blossom cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1993-7
Genre: Rock
Style: Acoustic
length: 3:50

I put on my morning harmony
It always feels so good in a major key
The sun was singing a steamy moonlight serenade
While the moon was creeping off
Looking for a little shade

The tea was begging to be steeped
And the shower was hissing for some attention
But the only thing that was on my mind
Was lunch in the sun

I stepped outside to saddle up Ben
He was three and a half and stood sixteen hands
We made our way to a warren I knew
Where old Fiver told stories in the early afternoon

The primroses had all begun to bloom
And the sweet scent of clover was in the air
For El-ahrairah this was a perfect day
For lunch in the sun

Oh, I daydreamed away
Glenn Miller flew right above me
Conducting the clouds to some long lost tune
From Heaven the horns washed through me

And then I knew it was time to go
But I said to myself as I trotted on home
It couldn't have been a better day
For lunch in the sun

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